How I Was Slammed Two Rankings, Monetary Penalties by WTT – Aruna Quadri Alleges


Aruna Quadri has accused World Table Tennis, WTT, of racism after two rankings and monetary penalties in two months.

In an outpour of emotions in a statement on his Facebook page on Tuesday, the 35-year-old said he was penalised by the body for not participating in the World Championships and the WTT Championship in Korea.

He expressed displeasure about the punitive measures despite informing the world body of his poor health and involvement in club activities at the time both tournaments were held in the Asian country.

As a result, the Fakel-Gazprom Orenburg player dropped to 19 in the world rankings and from number one to number two in Africa in March.

He said: “My first sin is because I was sick with chronic diarrhoea. I was not able to participate in the World Championships in Korea, and I could not get a doctor’s report on time while in sick bed. My appeal was rejected because I am black and I am from Africa and Nigeria.

“My second sin is because I decided to represent my clubs that are paying my salary, and I could not participate in the WTT Championships in Korea.

“Meanwhile, I informed WTT one month before the start of the WTT Championships in Korea that I had club engagements.

“It’s now a sin to come from Africa, Nigeria, and to be a black player and stay in the top 20. All of these penalties come from WTT. SUCH AN INJUSTICE, AND UNACCEPTABLE.”