CAF Builds New Head Office In Egypt, Debunks Relocation To Rabat News


African soccer governing body has debunked the insinuations that it’s making efforts to relocate its headquarters from Cairo to Rabat in Morocco.

For several years there have been reports of a possible relocation of the CAF headquarters to Morocco, notably to Rabat where sites had even been proposed, under the presidency of the Malagasy Ahmad Ahmad.

After the signing of a 10-year agreement in 2020, relating to the hosting of the CAF headquarters in Cairo, the body will continue its activities on-site.

According to information, land of around 20 hectares was granted to CAF by Egypt, this will allow the pan-African body to build a brand new headquarters, larger and more functional to accommodate several of the entity’s services.

CAF will leave Cairo to establish itself further east, It will deploy its future districts in the new Egyptian administrative capital, the city of October 6. Located in the governorate of Giza, it is separated from Cairo by around thirty kilometers