Health Workers Suspend 12-Day Strike


JOHESU, the Joint Health Sector Unions, has decided to suspend its 12-day-long strike, with a provision to review it after 21 days.

The decision was made after a one-hour meeting between the JOHESU leadership and President Bola Tinubu, who assured the union that their demands would be addressed after consulting with relevant government authorities.

In a statement signed by Mathew Ajurotu, the acting National Secretary of JOHESU, it was stated, “JOHESU has just suspended its strike with a caveat to review it after 21 days. We met President Tinubu today at a one-hour parley, and he promised to give approval to the demands after further consultations with appropriate quarters in government.”

President Tinubu reportedly urged JOHESU to call off the indefinite strike during the meeting.

The strike, which began on May 25, was initiated to demand the payment of hazard allowances, as well as adjustments to the salary structure and other welfare demands.

Previously, JOHESU had given a 15-day ultimatum to the Federal Government, starting from May 10.

However, when the deadline passed on May 25 without the government meeting their demands, JOHESU proceeded with the nationwide indefinite strike. The union accused the Federal Government of reneging on its promise to fulfill their welfare requirements.

During the discussion with the union, President Tinubu assured JOHESU that their demands would be expedited, and any remaining issues would be addressed promptly, according to Ajurotu.