COVID-19 Delta Variant kills 70 in Ondo


The deadly COVID-19 delta variant has reportedly killed seventy persons who were infected.

According to the Nation, the Vice-Chancellor of University Of Medical Sciences (UNIMEDTH) and Chairman, Ondo Inter-ministerial Committee on COVID-19, Prof. Adesegun Fatusi, disclosed this to newsmen today August 23 while addressing senior civil servants.

Fatusi stressed that the two jabs of the COVID19 vaccines do not prevent one from contracting the viral disease but what it does is it reduces the risk of death in a patient.

“There will be no civil service when people are dying. Civil servants should make it a duty for visitors to wear a face mask. Let us do our part of the battle.

“There have been COVID 19 related deaths. An associate of mine died at FMC Owo. Once we see a little rise in the hospital it suggests a rise in the community.

“Lockdown is a double edged sword particularly for developing countries. When we have lockdown, the massive economic implication is significant.

“Lockdown is not what we need. If we come to a choice between life and lockdown, the choice will be lockdown. We should not get to that point.

“The two jabs of vaccines do not guarantee you will not have COVID-19. The likelihood of death or severe cases is low after taking the two jabs.

“People are not observing COVID-19 protocols. We do not need punitive measures because there is a law in place. COVID-19 is around in a deadlier form,” he said.