Saheed Osupa affirms love for Burna Boy for giving him his flowers and a new name


Fuji maestro Saheed Osupa expressed his gratitude to award-winning singer Burna Boy for publicly praising his craft.

In a widely circulated video, Burna Boy showered praise on Saheed Osupa, acknowledging his talent and skill in delivering classic Fuji music.

Burna Boy, who revealed his understanding of the Yoruba language and Osupa’s music, referred to him as the “OG before Instagram” and described him as a “Yoruba Wutang” and “Wutang Ibile,” highlighting the depth and intensity of his singing in the Yoruba language.

Saheed Osupa took to his Instagram page to express his appreciation to Burna Boy for recognizing his musical prowess.

“People that listen and understand the depth of my music are of high IG and are very intelligent. I don’t make music for fun alone, I do Fuji music to teach morals and touch people’s life in different ways.

Thanks to all my great fans all over the world. I can’t love u less and to @burnaboygram thank you for the compliment and the jibe. You guys should keep pushing Afrobeats to the world. I love you guys.

Lest I forget, my new name as quoted by @burnaboygram”.