My Cook-A-Thon Attempt Helped In Fighting Drug Abuse – Ghanaian Chef


Ghanaian Chef, Faila Abdul Razak has shared insights into the profound impact of her Guinness World Record attempt for the longest cooking marathon.

In a recent interview with Berla Mundi on TV3, Chef Faila said that the cook-a-thon, which took place in the Northern region, was more than just a culinary challenge.

According to her, the Northern Region had been fighting the menace of drug abuse and her cook-a-thon played an insignificant role in the fight.

“Before the cook-a-thon, we were fighting against drug abuse in the Northern region. It was that severe during that period.

“And we’ve been trying to take the youth out of it but during the Cook-a-thon, these same drug addicts were there 24 hours. They were eating from me.

“They were forced to stop smoking for several hours and days because it wasn’t permitted on the premises,” she said.

Chef Faila expressed a profound conviction in the significance of her endeavour, asserting that even if she had perished during the marathon, it would have been a sacrifice worth making.

“And anyone that asked me such a question, I told them it would have been worth it. My people would have celebrated me forever for a good cause.

“Haven’t our peers died out of terminating illegal pregnancies? Haven’t our colleagues died out of Kayayo? Haven’t our colleagues died out of peer pressure to do so many illegal things?” she said.

Commencing her record attempt on January 1, 2024, Chef Faila dedicated a staggering 227 hours to cooking. Although her bid was unsuccessful due to a violation of rest breaks, she garnered widespread praise and recognition for her efforts.

Subsequently, Chef Faila received an invitation from the Ghana Tourism Authority to represent the country at the International Horticultural Expo in Doha, Qatar.