Who is Amina Hanem Ilhamy, the Iconic Silver Bed Owner?


After a picture surfaced on social media on April 20th, depicting an empty space where the iconic silver bed once stood in the Manial Palace Museum, concerns quickly spread. Social media users began to speculate that Amina Hanem Ilhamy’s famous silver bed had gone missing. However, the head of the Museums Sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities addressed the rumors, clarifying that the silver bed was under restoration at the Manial Palace’s laboratory and has not disappeared as reported on social media. The silver bed, a marvel of craftsmanship, is the sole surviving piece among the four beds gifted by Ilhamy’s father-in-law, Khedive Ismail. Beautifully engraved and adorned, the bed is displayed in the Manial Palace Museum, formerly the home and estate of Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfiq of the Mohamed Ali Royal Family between 1899 and 1929. Ilhamy’s bed weighs more than 850 kilograms of pure silver, with an estimated cost of EGP 44 million (USD 919,582). Who is Amina Hanem Ilhamy? Born in 1858 in Constantinople during the Ottoman Empire. Amina Hanem Ilhamy married Muhammad Tawfiq Pasha at the age of 15. Tawfiq Pasha, the great-grandson of Muhammad…

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